We support HE&RI actors in strategic design, project implementation, and impact evaluation

We have worked with over 250 organisations in 25 countries. Our 4 main types of clients are (1) universities and research organisation, (2) philanthropic organisations, (3) health and life sciences institutions and organisations, (4) governments and public agencies.

We support institutions at the various stages of the strategic cycle. When it is time to place a diagnosis, we bring in quantitative and qualitative evidence and help bring a broad perspective on trends and contexts. When it is time to plan, we support the design of strategic roadmaps. When it is time to implement, we provide operational support and design monitoring tools to assess and correct course along the way.

Universities and Research Organisations

From primarily training institutions, universities are now required to provide research, support innovation, and reach out to the global public and policy-makers to disseminate science and develop its impact.

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Philanthropic Organisations

Through greater organisational flexibility and easier management of resource allocation, philanthropic institutions can complement public funding but also define innovative and groundbreaking actions, generating space for experimentation, learning and transformation.

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Health and Life Sciences Institutions and Organisations

Currently and increasingly facing the challenge of having to compete in an expensive and competitive environment and quickly needing to adapt and adjust to changes in the way scientific discovery and healthcare are done.

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Government - Public and intermediary agencies

Government, public agencies and other intermediary institutions and instruments are evolving to better address complex societal and environmental challenges where research and innovation policies and ecosystems play an ever-growing role.

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