Government - Public and intermediary agencies

SIRIS Academic helps decision makers and stakeholders to better design, monitor and evaluate higher education research and innovation strategies, policies and instruments. In this context we analyse global trends and local capacities to inform the establishment of research and innovation priorities and the mobilisation of actors. We analyse and benchmark policies and strategies supporting knowledge transfer and innovation. We build open interactive platforms supporting ecosystem mapping, monitoring, accountability and decision-making, and help in defining open science strategies and plans.

Some of the questions we are helping approach

How can I gather and analyse data and evidence to understand if our policy and funding instruments are creating the impact we expect? How can I share and communicate openly this evidence?

What should be the overarching principles, and the practical next steps to build a regional or institutional open science plan?

Are we actually supporting researchers in transferring knowledge to society, and to engage in meaningful collaborations with private companies and social and public actors?

What is the international positioning, distinctive capacities and skills, and key weaknesses of our R&I ecosystem in a specific area? Is the R&I ecosystem lacking key actors or instruments to compete and collaborate internationally in new emerging areas?

Case Studies

We have worked with public and intermediary agencies at the European, national, regional, and metropolitan levels. For instance, we have worked with regional governments in charge of higher education and research, with national innovation agencies and investment banks or with European structures. Following an insight into some of the projects we have worked with.