We bring in intellectual rigour, curiosity and collective intelligence

We gather and share knowledge, data, and skills for the purpose of solving societal issues.

We want to make collective life a bit more rational and a bit more efficient and fair. We believe that impact comes from better arguments, better evidence and better thinking.

We are research-, curiosity- and and innovation-driven.

We combine quali-quantitative methods and tailor made solutions. No analytics without contextual understanding; no story without data to back it up.

We constantly question our clients and ourselves. We only go ahead if we are convinced that the approach makes sense.

Our internal organisation promotes collaboration and responsibility.

Diverse, curiosity-driven team

Tailor-made quali-quantitative methods

Critically engaging clients and our own work

Rational perspectives on societal impact


Systemic Approach

Critical Thinking

Tailor-made Approaches

While we seek to ensure high added value through deep reflection and a critical perspective, we lay a major emphasis on co-designing solutions with the client. Through interviews, workshops, guided discussions, but also using desk research or quantitative analysis, we harness collective intelligence to support decision making, gather input from actors and stakeholders, and collaboratively develop strategies and plans.


Interdisciplinary Team

International Research Experience

Broad and Deep Knowledge
of the Sector

With more than 40 members representing a dozen nationalities, our team is diverse and pluridisciplinary: the majority of us have started our careers as researchers or professors and have a strong domain expertise in fields ranging from philosophy to astrophysics, economics, computer science and bioengineering. Passionate about improving the sectors we have worked in, we developed over the years expertise in assisting decision-makers in over 100 institutions in defining an HE&RI strategy adapted to the changing institutional landscape. We also offer expertise in regional and territorial support for the implementation of HE&RI strategies: Region-University cooperation, development of monitoring and steering tools for local authorities.

Data Analytics




We map science, technology and innovation through semantic analysis based on Natural Language processing and machine learning techniques. We design tailored indicators to complement the existing views provided by ranking agencies, bibliometric databases or other actors.
We start from analysing users' needs to facilitate data access and reuse, and design personalised data visualisations.
We are actively involved in research projects dealing with data integration and interoperability, and are or have been scientific partners in several European Horizon 2020 projects, including an ERC. One example is our UNiCS - UNiversity AnalytiCS project, an Open Data platform based on semantic technologies that integrates databases on higher education and research in Europe.  

Capacity-Building Practice

Design and facilitation of learning experiences

Tailor-made training solutions

Leadership development and coaching

Strategic thinking

We believe in the power of learning and exchanging knowledge.
We apply action learning methods to develop strategic solutions with our clients.
We leverage our expertise in the HE&RI sector to design, coordinate and facilitate large-scale leadership and strategic thinking development programmes for academia and (regional) governments. We connect strategy and training, offer tailor-made solutions and provide access to an extensive network of internal and external experienced trainers and leading experts.