Health and Life Sciences Institutions and Organisations

We work with Research Performers and Philanthropic Organisations aiming to advance Health and Life Sciences and to maintain both academic excellence and strong social impact. We also support University Hospitals and Medical Schools who face the challenge to deliver on several missions at once - balancing research, training and healthcare, with the governance, organisational and strategic challenges that come with this range of activities.

Some of the questions we are helping approach

Our institutional model is no longer able to fulfil our mission. Why and what changes could we make?

What is the quality of medical research nationally/in my institution and what impacts its quality? How could we improve it?

What impact are we having (in research, innovation or social outcomes)?

As a national agency, funder or university hospital, how do we better translate research into clinical practice, biomedical applications and societal benefit?

My institution does fundamental and clinical research; how do I balance the two research types?

What are we good at (e.g from bibliometric analysis, competitiveness in EU funding calls; clinical trials) and how are we doing in comparison to international or national benchmarks? Is there a niche we can occupy?

Case Studies

SIRIS Academic has worked with specialised research foundations in the biomedical sector (e.g. British Heart Foundation, Asociación Espanyola Contra al Cáncer), specialised research centres (e.g. CEDOC), and universities with a large biomedical research sector (e.g. Université Paris Cité). Following an insight into some of the projects we have worked with.