Wages, Fees & Ethics

We are a for-profit company. And yet, in our statutes, we claim that we see profit as a means and not an end. What does this boil down to in practice? For us, this means trying to do our little bit when it comes to salaries and service prices, and trying to be consistent with our conviction that growing inequalities within Western societies is a major challenge. This is our take on the issue.

First take a look a this video by the Harvard Business Review regarding wages.

Most people think that the pay gap between CEOs and average workers should be under 5. Most people think that the gap is closer to 10. In reality the gap is well over 100 (127 in Spain and a frightening 335 in the US).

This is not normal and this is something, which we can do something about.
With a 25 Billion € turnover and 75 000 employees, Mondragon Corporation keeps the internal wage ratio between the top paid employee and the median salary at 5:1. The French public sector, with over 5 million employees has a pay gap of close to 14:1.

We are committed to fair wages throughout SIRIS.
At SIRIS the pay gap between the top paid employee and the median salary is less than 2:1. This is true for all workers, including the senior people, and takes into account total pay, including bonuses and all advantages.

So much for wages. What about pricing?

Our stance is simple:
We are committed to fair prices with respect to our clients.
We charge industry rates, and we invest what we earn in research and innovation, in order to provide the best possible responsible service to our clients.

… And it goes without saying that all the research we do is copyleft and all our products are open source. This is our way of ensuring that what we do brings benefits to society as a whole and not to our company alone.