Philanthropic Organisations

Philanthropic organisations enjoy a very specific position in HE&RI systems, which enable them to act in ways that no other actor can. We know the specific needs and challenges they face to make the most of this unique position and create positive impact. We hold experience in designing funding instruments, assessing their impact and accompanying these organisations through institutional transformations. We apply collective decision making methods for co-designing and strategic learning, we provide high-quality insights based on evidence and strong data analysis capacity.

Some of the questions we are helping approach

How can my programs and initiatives be improved or transformed to achieve expected goals?

Who are the main stakeholders in the fields of actions relevant to my organisation? How can my organisation relate to them for building strategic alliances and partnerships for better supporting its mission? How does my organisation position itself in this landscape?

Which is the impact of my initiative? How is the research I'm funding contributing to the advancement of a specific field of research? How much is aligned with the efforts on a specific societal challenge?

Case Studies

SIRIS Academic has worked with Philanthropic organisations at the European level (European Foundation Centre and Philea) as well as within specific countries such as Spain (e.g. Fundació La Caixa, Asociación Española Contra El Cáncer), France (e.g. FMSH), UK (e.g. Wellcome Trust, British Hearth Fundació), etc. Following an insight into some of the projects we have worked with.