Navigating Complexity

What services do we provide?

We are active in the field of higher education, research and innovation and work with universities, research organisations, philanthropic foundations and governments.
We help design, implement and monitor complex projects - from large-scale applications and strategic plans, to data analysis, monitoring impact evaluation.
We take the time to go in depth so that institutions can have perspective navigate a complex world.

How do we approach these key questions?

We are consultants with a strong academic background. As such, we are used to challenging assumptions, bringing in a diversity of perspectives to a problem and tailoring our method to each specific mission.
We produce qualitative and quantitative research expertise from various fields - from humanities and social sciences to physical sciences and computation; we are well-versed in data analysis and provide advanced research-driven semantic data science and visualization techniques; we know how to design engaging participatory processes; we are able to support and implement capacity-building programs.
More importantly, we think that good methodology comes from a sense of purpose: each project starts by going back to the root of "why" it matters.

Why are we doing it?

We believe that better, more informed public policies are a powerful path to progress for all. Contributing to this is our main motivation and what gives meaning to our work: we choose our missions accordingly.
We collaborate with those decision makers from public and socially oriented organisations who are committed to make a positive social impact through their work, and who are open to innovate along the way. Rationality, justice and curiosity are guiding values in our projects.


and Development

Research, Development and Innovation are key elements for enduring and sustainable success. SIRIS recognises the importance for its own development of questioning the world, shifting paradigms and reinventing itself. For this reason, a dedicated space for R&D is safeguarded and cultivated at the core of the company. In line with Open Science practices, the results obtained by the R&D activities of SIRIS are made available to wide communities of stakeholders, as open access publications, or openly available repositories and datasets.

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