As a strategy consultant, I participate to the institutional restructuration in higher education, research and innovation, taking place in Europe under the pressures of globalisation. I have an evidence-based, behavioral, and cognitive approach to institutions and policy making.

My doctoral research, conducted at the École Normale Supérieure, investigated the structure, function and cognitive underpinnings of meaning in natural language. I focused on bits of language which express the attitudes of the speaker on top of describing the external world, to demonstrate the crucial role of emotions in categorization. After my PhD, I transitioned towards business & administration through an MBA at the Collège des Ingénieurs, and worked as an innovation consultant within the R&D of a large multinational company in the energy sector.

Some publications:

– Thommen, T. (2018). Slurs in speech and thought (Doctoral dissertation, Paris Sciences et Lettres). [link]
– Thommen, T., Murez, M. (2016), “Langage”, version académique, dans M. Kristanek (dir.), L’encyclopédie philosophique. [in French, link]
– Cepollaro, B., & Thommen, T. (2019). What’s wrong with truth-conditional accounts of slurs. Linguistics and Philosophy, 1-15. [link]
– Thommen, T. (2017). Are expressives presuppositional? The case of slurs. Proceedings of the ESSLI, 185-195. [link]


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