My story with SIRIS Academic began in October 2013 when I started an internship as part of my second year of MA in Cultural Heritage Management (University of Barcelona). Bernardo Rondelli, one of the founding partners of SIRIS, was my MA thesis’ supervisor and gave me the opportunity to write a thesis on archaeological heritage management in Uzbekistan (Central Asia). My internship at SIRIS Academic included a 3-month period at the UNESCO Tashkent Office (Uzbekistan) in order to undertake fieldwork. It was a rewarding experience that enabled me to grow from a personal and professional point of view. SIRIS Academic supported the organisation of the stay and facilitated my work in an international cooperation context.

After finishing the MA, I began to work officially for SIRIS Academic in September 2014 in the Project Management and Administration Division of the company. For almost 2 years and a half, I worked as the SIRIS Office Manager and developed my skills in the field of organisation and management of the office environment and staff, covering tasks including administration support, internal communication and human resources.

Recently, my professional profile has evolved towards a junior consultant position and research assistant. In my current position, I apply my organisational and soft skills to conduct my daily work and communicate with the team. Concretely, I’m in charge of supporting qualitative research for consultancy projects in the field of higher education and research and data analysis activities. Moreover, I also help prepare grants and tenders for both R+D and consulting projects.


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