Solange Chavel
Founding Partner of SIRIS Academic
Strategy consultant specialized in higher education and research. I have a strong experience in working with universities and business schools to design their mid- and long-term institutional strategy and manage complex change processes.

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Sebastian Stride
Founding Partner of SIRIS Academic
PhD, researcher at Barcelona University. I am an experienced strategy consultant with demonstrated track record driving growth, improving operations, and successfully creating solutions for complex business problems at leading Business Schools, Research Institutions and Universities worldwide.

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Bernardo Rondelli
Founding Partner of SIRIS Academic
Research manager with a proven track record of managing and executing complex and multi-method R&D projects. Archaeologist and Computer Scientist by training, with a long experience in data management and analytics, my work focuses on the development of solutions for supporting informed and collaborative strategic decisions in public policies, fostering open government data and evidence-based approaches.

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Gloria Casanova

I hold a MA degree in Sociology and Social Research. I am currently a consultant working in the area of Open Data applied to HE&R with a strong focus on Innovation and Public Policy. Main goal is to help and support over time Public Institutions such as Regional Authorities, Local Governments, and Universities in elaborating innovative and successful strategies which are strongly supported by evidence, data-analysis, benchmarking, and a participatory approach.

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Annamaria Donnarumma
I’m an astronomer by training, with a background in academic research and in technical consulting. In SIRIS I work on consultancy projects for higher education, research and public institutions, combining evidence-based and qualitative approaches.


Alba Echarte Ventura
Research Assistant & Consultant
I work as a research assistant and junior consultant. I support qualitative research for consultancy projects in the field of higher education and research and data analysis activities. I also help prepare grants and tenders for both R+D and consulting projects.

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Enric Fuster
I am a senior consultant and business developer at SIRIS, where I focus on projects aimed at increasing the socioeconomic impact of higher education and research, in connection with wider regional development strategies. 

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Xavi Gimenez
Data Scientist
Software Engineer specialized in Data Visualization. I am interested in the junction of Technology, Human Computer Interaction and Creativity.

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Luca Giocoli
With an MA focused on creativity, strategic communication and new media, and an expertise in European Transnational Cooperation I landed at SIRIS to explore the power of the quadruple helix process, that means run collaboration among universities, administration, industry and civil society.

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Roger Guixé
Software Engineer
Software Engineer specialized on back-end services. I have experience on designing and building solutions in very different sectors. I love using cutting-edge technologies as a way of simplifying, improving, and enriching the developments, and I also like using cloud computing systems as a fast and dynamic way of building infrastructures and deploying applications.

Matthias Heuser
Coming from philosophy, working especially on epistemic and ethical implications of bodily engagement in the world, I joined SIRIS as a consultant mainly in the area of research strategy and more general institutional development in higher education and research.

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Mauricio Iriarte
Visual Designer
I am a Graphic Designer with an MA in Design of Branding and Packaging. My main interests are aspects such as brand management for both online and offline supports, as well as the generation of interactive data visualizations.


Francesco A. Massucci
Researcher at SIRIS Lab
Senior researcher at SIRIS Lab, I work on data science/analysis and mathematical models. My goal is to design mathematical tools to provide a quantitative understanding of how research institutions work. Physicist by training, I hold a PhD in Applied Mathematics.

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Alessandro Mosca
Researcher at SIRIS Lab
At some point in life mathematical logic turned me into a computer scientist. I am now a SIRIS Lab researcher working in the area of knowledge representation & reasoning, modal and description logics, conceptual modeling and data management.

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Sabine Plaud
Researcher & Consultant
I have a training in philosophy with a French PhD on the philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein. My theoretical concerns regard philosophy of language and in particular, the link between pictures and discourses, with a focus on the notion of modelization. In my activities at SIRIS Academic, I am thrilled by issues regarding research strategies and management of teaching and education policies.

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Arnau Quinquillà
I graduated in theoretical physics at the University of Barcelona. During the last two years I have been working on the analysis and visualization of the co-authorship structure of the University of Barcelona researchers, at the same institution. Currently working on front-end development: Building web applications, visualization tools and database endpoint integration.

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Philipp Reichmuth
Strategy Consultant
Senior specialist in organizational development and founding partner of SIRIS Academic. I have extensive experience working in international development, implementing projects mostly in organizational development and governance first as M&E expert, then as project manager.

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Fernando Roda
Researcher at SIRIS Lab
I am a Phd, researcher specialized on Knowledge engineering and Semantic Web technologies. I have experience on designing ontology-based solutions in several interdisciplinary projects. As a SIRIS’ innovation associate, I collaborate with consultants and computer scientists on modelling qualitative knowledge concerning HE&R strategies.

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Guillem Rull
Researcher at SIRIS Lab
Computer scientist, postdoctoral researcher at SIRIS Lab, expert on Databases, Information Systems, Conceptual Modeling, Ontologies, and Information Integration.

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Marga Sirera
Office Manager
I work as the Office Manager and Accountant at Siris, Graduated in International Business. I’m in charge of the office day to day maintenance as well as the Accountant duties. My goal is to achieve accurate information for the Finance Department as well as try to ensure a nice, comfortable and enjoyable office enviroment.

Alba Velasco
I am a biochemist specialized in behavioural aspects of human biology and cognitive
neuroscience. Thanks to my analytical background and experience working at European level, I
currently help SIRIS to develop its consultancy work to give strategic support to higher
education and research institutions.

Maria Yubero Gómez
Data Analyst
I am a qualitative data analyst working in the Data Analytics department. I’m interested in data analysis applied to Higher Education and Research, bibliometrics, university rankings and valorisation strategies for Social Sciences and Humanities.

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