Based in Barcelona, you will work full-time, designing and developing data-driven interfaces.

You will work in close contact with software engineers, data scientists and experts in knowledge representation as well as with domain experts of public policies and strategies.

You will become a member of an strong interdisciplinary and international context and you will be exposed to a groundbreaking research and innovation environment.

You have an interest to start a career into  the field of Data Visualization, so ideally you’re willing to know more  about the works and publications of Tufte, Wurman and how apply these theories for helping leaders in making better, more informed and more accountable decisions for the benefit of the citizens . You know the principles that guide good information design and know when to apply the paradigms and how to best convey the message that you need to put out there through your visualization work. You have practical experience on what works when and what doesn’t, beyond reading handbooks on the topic.

You are able to relate the information in a different way so you make sense out of the data in a visual way. You have practical experience on what works when and what doesn’t so you are experienced enough to decide which representation is the best in order to get insight from the data and make the patterns flourish.

Hiring Proposal

Our hiring model includes a first trial period of 6 months, the extension of which is confirmed upon a feedback and assessment session. After 2 years, the contract becomes permanent from a legal point of view.

Once a year, both salary and career development are discussed during a joint assessment session. More regular mentoring and feedback sessions take place whenever the employee feels that it is useful.

Full time position (40 hours/week), if needed more flexible solutions can be discussed.

This position will offer you an opportunity to be involved in several projects and work in our international, multidisciplinary team in Barcelona.

You will work in data analytics and visualization projects, so you will improve your ability to build user interfaces that deliver a good user experience. You will be involved through all the entire development cycle of UI/UX from designing through to implementation, so you are or will be able to start building mockups and iterating over them and finally building the UI and the UX.

Benefit and Work Expenses

  • Workstation in a shared office + Laptop or Desktop PC
  • Teamwork in a challenging and friendly environment
  • Constant feedback from tutor and availability of senior team to provide support
  • Free coffee, chocolate and fruits, regular seminars and events
  • Relocation/moving budget as a contribution to cover part of the related expenses
  • According to our internal policy, SIRIS Academic will distribute a fraction of the yearly benefits among all employees in the form of a salary bonus
  • Amazing location and view in the heart of the city centre of Barcelona, 10 minutes walk from the beach

Please note

  • Salary depends on experience and is in line with industry standards
  • All work related expenses will be covered by SIRIS Academic

Intern Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

You are not necessarily a world-class expert in all of the technologies listed below, but you are fluent in some of those at least:

  • Visual design tools for prototyping: Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Omnigraffle, etc…
  • Version-control systems (e.g., Git, SVN, Mercurial)
  • Basic front end technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Model-View-Controller oriented javascript frameworks (e.g., angular.js, Backbone.js, React.js)
  • Front End building tools and package/dependencies management (e.g., Bower, Grunt, Require/AMD, Yeoman, Gulp)
  • Data visualisation related tools (e.g., D3.js, vega.js, Highcharts, Gephi, sigma.js, Bokeh, GIS Visualization)
  • Knowledge of relational databases
  • RESTful web services
  • Semantic web and LOD technologies (e.g., SPARQL, RDF, OWL)


CV and cover letters to be addressed to: xavi.gimenez@sirisacademic.com  

Company Profile

What? We are a consulting firm which provides strategic decision makers of the public or non- profit sector with insights, processes and tools which challenge them to think and enable them to accomplish their mission better. Our services can take many forms: a strategic or analytical report, a business intelligence exploratory or monitoring tool, a participatory workshop or a coaching session, the moderation of a discussion, a political recommendation, etc. But if the form varies, the core is always the same: what matters to us is to help leaders make better, more informed and more accountable decisions for the benefit of the citizens.

How? We approach problems as researchers would: questioning systematically, proposing models, looking for evidence. We never defend a position with which we do not agree. We provide decision-makers with the tools and arguments to take decisions but we also understand that their job involves political compromises and that the ideal decision is not always either possible or optimal.

Who? Born from research, our team of almost 30 people is made of a colorful mix, with specialities ranging from archaeology to physics, and philosophy to biology. Together, we represent 7 nationalities and speak many languages. Our team is held together by a strong ethical vision, based on the respect of the contribution of everyone, the belief in collective wisdom, and a deep curiosity.

Where? Based in Barcelona, we work mostly in Europe, with a strong base in Spain, France and Italy, and activities in the UK and Germany.

With whom? Our clients are leaders and managers in regional governments, ministries, universities and research organizations, not-for-profit foundations, etc.

In which sectors? Currently, most of our activity focuses on the sectors of higher education and science & innovation policy.

And…. why? Deep down, we want to make the world a better place by improving public policies. We are strong believers in the power of science-based evidence, participative approaches and accountability processes to improve the way public policies are designed and decisions taken, day after day.