Based in Barcelona, you will work full-time in quality of junior consultant. You will occasionally travel to meet our clients (once to twice a month, mostly in Italy).

A native Italian speaker, you have also a perfect working knowledge of English.

With a Master degree, you are looking for the opportunity to bring your insights and methods to the world of public policy.

You will take part in our consultancy missions. As a member of project teams, you will gather evidence to build a case, do a literature review, or travel with a senior consultant to meet clients or moderate workshops. Basic knowledge of data and analysis (spreadsheet-level) would be very useful.

With high standards when it comes to writing a report, defending an argument, or looking for data, you like interactions and dialectics. We will provide the possibility to explore different themes and aspects of the work as consultant and will appreciate and compensate initiative and independence. Structures are flexible here, so you shall be able to develop your profile and to move towards positions and gaining  more responsibility as you grow.

Hiring Proposal

Our hiring model includes a first trial period of 6 months, the extension of which is confirmed upon a feedback and assessment session. After 2 years, the contract becomes permanent from a legal point of view.

Once a year, both salary and career development are discussed during a joint assessment session. More regular mentoring and feedback sessions take place whenever the employee feels that it is useful.

Full time position (40 hours/week), if needed more flexible solutions can be discussed.

This position will offer you an opportunity to be involved in several projects and work in our international, multidisciplinary team in Barcelona.

You will collaborate in data analytics and visualization projects as well as in strategic assessment and policy evaluation, you will work in data collection, co-design of data-driven solutions, as well as in systemic processes, interpretation and strategic provocation.

You will receive training in a wide set of skills in consulting, qualitative and quantitative analysis and sectoral expertise.

Benefit and Work Expenses

  • Workstation in a shared office + Laptop or Desktop PC
  • Teamwork in a challenging and friendly environment
  • Constant feedback from tutor and availability of senior team to provide support
  • Free coffee, chocolate and fruits, regular seminars and events
  • Relocation/moving budget as a contribution to cover part of the related expenses
  • According to our internal policy, SIRIS Academic will distribute a fraction of the yearly benefits among all employees in the form of a salary bonus
  • Amazing location and view in the heart of the city centre of Barcelona, 10 minutes walk from the beach

Please note

  • Salary depends on experience and is in line with industry standards
  • All work related expenses will be covered by SIRIS Academic

Junior Consultant Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Structured argumentation and good written and oral communication
  • Capacity for qualitative analysis
  • Research skills
  • Desire to work as part of an open team in an international environment
  • Curiosity and open-mindedness
  • Committed and flexible approach to the job
  • Capacity to work on a project-based approach
  • Knowledge of another european language are a plus


CV and cover letters to be addressed to: luca.giocoli@sirisacademic.com  

Working at SIRIS Academic

Company Profile

What? We are a consulting firm which provides strategic decision makers of the public or non- profit sector with insights, processes and tools which challenge them to think and enable them to accomplish their mission better. Our services can take many forms: a strategic or analytical report, a business intelligence exploratory or monitoring tool, a participatory workshop or a coaching session, the moderation of a discussion, a political recommendation, etc. But if the form varies, the core is always the same: what matters to us is to help leaders make better, more informed and more accountable decisions for the benefit of the citizens.

How? We approach problems as researchers would: questioning systematically, proposing models, looking for evidence. We never defend a position with which we do not agree. We provide decision-makers with the tools and arguments to take decisions but we also understand that their job involves political compromises and that the ideal decision is not always either possible or optimal.

Who? Born from research, our team of almost 30 people is made of a colorful mix, with specialities ranging from archaeology to physics, and philosophy to biology. Together, we represent 7 nationalities and speak many languages. Our team is held together by a strong ethical vision, based on the respect of the contribution of everyone, the belief in collective wisdom, and a deep curiosity.

Where? Based in Barcelona, we work mostly in Europe, with a strong base in Spain, France and Italy, and activities in the UK and Germany.

With whom? Our clients are leaders and managers in regional governments, ministries, universities and research organizations, not-for-profit foundations, etc.

In which sectors? Currently, most of our activity focuses on the sectors of higher education and science & innovation policy.

And…. why? Deep down, we want to make the world a better place by improving public policies. We are strong believers in the power of science-based evidence, participative approaches and accountability processes to improve the way public policies are designed and decisions taken, day after day.